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General Data Protection Awareness Training

This is a non-technical session to alert colleagues to the do’s and don’ts of privacy and data management and to introduce and signpost the employer’s policy and procedures framework.

The session is interactive with participants being encouraged to give their views on issues and share tips with colleagues for good practice in privacy and data management. 

Objectives of General Awareness Training 

  • To refresh thinking about privacy and data management, note that participants usually know what they should do and what they must not do with personal data, this session is designed to refresh that knowledge and encourage participants to consider how it extends to new situations that may arise in their work in the future.
  • To remind participants of their obligations in law and to their employer around data protection and confidentiality.
  • To direct participants to supporting material around data protection and confidentiality including the employer’s policies and procedures and further reading on the ICO website.
  • To encourage participants to share best practice with colleagues on a continuing basis.

Who should attend?

This session is useful for operational colleagues who handle personal data as part of their job day to day.

Bearing in mind the sustainability of training it is highly recommended that the session is also used to “train the trainer” so that it can be presented to new colleagues into the future.

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