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GDPR preparation training

This is an awareness raising session to alert colleagues to the new requirements in the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) which comes into force in May 2018. The GDPR represents a “step up” in data protection compliance, building on the existing law and introducing a risk based approach to data protection compliance and new technical requirements.

It is a workshop session with participants being encouraged to discuss the potential implications of the new law.

Objectives of the Training

• To refresh thinking about compliance and introduce risk management as a compliance tool
• To raise awareness of the impacts of the General Data Protection Regulation
• To talk through the little wrinkles or “What they didn’t tell us about GDPR”
• To create a GDPR gap analysis, discuss timelines for compliance and pull together a blueprint for implementation
• To equip delegates to support their organisations by cascading the key aspects of the training to colleagues

What they didn’t tell us about GDPR

There is limited guidance and interpretation around GDPR and, where it does exist there are little issues and problems starting to emerge for example the “one stop shop supervisory authority” is not quite one stop. Depending on different European jurisdictions, it is still multi stop although fewer supervisory authorities are likely to be involved than under the 1995 Directive. Also what about the elephant in the DPO room, conflict of interest? An in-house DPO will be expected to assist the business in preparing policies and procedures, wording for websites and Privacy Notices. How, then, does the DPO audit that work?

We will discuss some of the little wrinkles that have appeared already to give a more thorough grasp of the practical implications of GDPR compliance.

Who should attend?

This session is essential for IT, Compliance, Legal, GDPR project managers, and operational colleagues who need to plan for the introduction of new data protection compliance measures.

Trainer - Mandy Webster by V Kane Photography
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